55 Series Implement Mount Granular Applicators for Herbicides and Seeds

Versatile, Accurate and Durable

A Better Applicator Through Better Design

Whether you’re seeding or applying herbicides, a Valmar 55 Series Implement Mount Applicator is designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy under a wide variety of ground conditions. Its rugged construction is sturdy enough to withstand the rigours of commercial use. With this level of built in durability it is the right choice for your farm operation. Moreover, it incorporates a number of innovative features designed to make granular application easier, safer and more precise than ever before.

Accurate Metering System

The 55 Valmar Series Applicators achieve their accuracy thanks to a ground driven metering system that ensures an accurate application rate regardless of ground speed. They use a 60 speed gearbox that allows the application rate to be increased or decreased in increments of 5%. Drive ratio changes can be made at the gearbox, eliminating the need to move chains and realign sprockets. For cropping conditions that require a rate change on the go, an optional Alternate Rate Kit can be added to allow an instantaneous rate change. Or, by installing a hydraulic drive system such as the Rawson AccuRate® you can eliminate the ground drive and be ready for use with most GPS or Variable Rate systems

Mounting kits are available for most harrow models.

Features For Easier Operation

A handy sight gauge on the 55 Series Applicators allows you to visually check the product level in the hopper. The 55 Series also features a manifold pressure gauge to ensure an adequate air flow is maintained for even product distribution. Finally, a warning light and buzzer are included on the in-cab control unit to alert the operator of any problem with the air supply.

Easy Calibration

Calibrating an applicator is necessary to ensure proper flow rates, especially when determining the settings for new products or various sizes of seed and seed mixtures. The 55 Series Applicators make this process easier by allowing the venturi and manifold system to be dropped so that a funnel tray can be inserted for easy collection of product. Use the crank handle to simulate ground travel and establish precise calibration of any product. This also makes emptying the hopper an easy and safe procedure.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

The 55 Series Applicators feature a number of innovations that make maintenance and cleaning easier. Perhaps most important is the location of the hopper shaft outside the hopper which keeps product away from the bearings and allows them to be serviced even with a full hopper. The outside shaft provides the added benefit of enabling the electric clutch installation to allow half width application on either side of the implement (not available on the 1655). A convenient hopper bottom slide gate enables the rollers to be removed for servicing or cleaning without draining product from the hopper.

Other Features

Metering gearbox cover lifts for easy access to 60 speed gearbox. Ground driven metering system ensures accurate application rate at any setting. Hand crank allows you to turn metering system to check rates and calibrate for new product.

Unrestricted view of metering system. Sight gauge for product level in hopper. Air manifold pressure gauge. Plexi-glass shield protects metering system.

Optional alternate rate kit. Brackets secure hosing at rear of hopper.

In-cab buzzer and warning light alerts of low air pressure in manifold.

Optional Alternate Rate Kit

A clutch kit can be added to most Valmar applicators allowing a rate change on the go. By selecting the appropriate sprocket you can obtain a predetermined rate change. The necessary controls are already supplied on the 55’s control box.

Broadcast Seed and Aerate in One Pass

The Valmar is the perfect partner to an AerWay® for over seeding, renovating and rejuvenating pasture and hay land.

Valmar mounts to most AerWay® models.

An AerWay® is the Perfect Tool for Aerating Soil to:

  • Increase yield and stocking rates.
  • Promote stronger root systems.
  • Reduce water run-off.
  • Improve fertilizer and water utilization in the root zone.
  • Penetrate hardpan.
  • Reduce compaction and improve porosity.
  • Improve soil texture.

1655 AerWay® Mount Standard Features:

  • Ground driven metering system.
  • 28 groove red roller for small seeds.
  • AerWay® mounts for fixed and folding implements.
  • Hopper screen for coarse material.
  • Agitator to reduce product bridging in hopper.

55 Series Specifications

  • Application Width
    • 1655: 16 outlets/16-40 ft.
    • 2455: 24 outlets/24-60 ft.
    • 3255: 32 outlets/32-80 ft.
  • Capacity
    • 1655: 20 cu. ft. (900 lb.)*
    • 2455: 40 cu. ft. (1800 lb.)*
    • 3255: 50 cu. ft. (2250 lb.)*
  • Mild steel with 2 component epoxy primer and 2 component cross linked acrylic top coat paint system
  • Weather tight lid
  • Product level sight gauge
  • Hopper bottom shut-off slide gates

*Based on 45 lb./cu. ft.

Product Delivery
  • 1.25 in. ID flexible PVC hose (1 in. ID on 1655)
  • Broadcast deflectors mount individually to the implement frame
  • Ground driven (hydraulic drive is available)
  • Half shut off on either side (except 1655)
  • 28 grove plastic fluted metering rollers – 12 groove available for more coarse material or higher rates
  • In-cab electric clutch control and air manifold monitor
  • 60 speed gearbox with 5% between settings
  • Air manifold and venturi system drop for easy cleaning
  • Hydraulic or gas engine drive
    • 1655: Hydraulic – 8 gal./min.; 9 HP gas engine, Less Fan for air seeder mounts
    • 2455: Hydraulic – 11.5 gal./min.; 11 HP gas engine
    • 3255: Hydraulic – 11.5 gal./min.; 11 HP gas engine
  • 16 in. impeller with 3 in. outlet (1655) or 18 in. impeller with 4 in. outlet
  • Operates at 3200-4000 RPM
  • Mounting kits for AerWay, tool bars and various cultivators and harrow bars
  • 12 groove roller assemblies for coarse material
  • Fitted tarp
  • Outlet blocker kits and line splitters to match a specific number of required runs in special mounting situations
  • Agitator kits
  • Delivery hose quick coupler kits
Shipping Information
  • 1655: 510 lb. empty; 810 lb. shipping
  • 2455: 800 lb. empty; 1300 lb. shipping
  • 3255: 900 lb. empty; 1405 lb. shipping